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Why this website

  1. Map, in its current form, is a very accurate collection of names. But names mean nothing and it's impossible to know what the place is about by looking at Google Maps alone.
  2. On the other hand, travel guides, being very detailed and informative, does a poor job of location. For example, you read about Cancun and Mexico City for a trip. However, it's not apparent that they are from each other. Deciding to give up Mexico City after looking at maps, you need to find place near Cancun to spend a few more days. But how do you find places near Cancun?
  3. Advantage of wiki concept. You will find a lot of guides about one destination, hard to tell good from bad.
  4. Our solution is to write summary on the map itself (I call them impressions organized by locations). More detailed info, external links and pictures can be added as popup. Impressions appear and disappear based on zoom level and relevance. This way, right info will be at right place and we won't be afraid of getting cluttered!
  5. Hackers and spammers, don't target us please! We just want to make travel planning easier for everyone, including you.


Impression Placement

  1. Corner of map principle. For any impression to exist at this zoom level, it must be interesting enough that someone living at the corner of current map view would travel here to see it. Interesting is hard to define but some normal traveller with no particular interest should be the target.
  2. Don't clutter the map. If one impression is taking a huge amount of space, consider move it to low zoom. If many small impressions, move them to high zoom and sum up like "Tourism area, everything is here".
  3. Onion principle, don't repeat what is said at low zoom level. For example, if the whole New England area was described as great view in fall, then no need to write that on an individual town.

Impression Content

  1. Be fair. Describe place as it is. Don't write like an ad and don't just trash the place. Write its good and bad.
  2. Use a friendly/live tone. You are not writing an encyclopedia, what's on here is not facts, it's collective opinions.
  3. Add links to external travel blogs etc that make the place attractive. Rule 1 will make this place fairly dull no matter how hard we try. So add external links to great articles!
  4. Use the traveller's prospective. Write stuff that interests the traveller for now.

External link Requirement

  1. Well written with good story and makes people WANT to go to this place.
  2. No need to be neutral, but no false advertising.

Some Good Websites to Link

How to Edit

This part should be very easy and is my personal design goal. Leave me a message if you find something hard to do.

History and Revert

Again, it is designed to be easy. Only trick is double clicking impression while in history mode will bring you links to its talk page.


Content on this website is intended to be the same as wikipedia's license terms. Don't have time to figure out exacts. Custom icons are from Google material design icons. They look good but don't fit so well with our map system, any suggestion welcome. Tile layer is from MapBox, hopefully we won't run out of our quota.


Leave me a message or you can email [email protected]